Healthcare Solutions

For Employer Groups With 2+ Employees

And Individuals Ages 18 to 64

Health Insurance for Ages 65+

There are other, better ways to pay for medical care

You can self-fund and pay medical bills out of savings

You can use a Fixed Benefit Health Insurance policy

You can use Medical Cost Sharing

You can use Limited Benefit Health Insurance such as Accident Insurance or Critical Illness Insurance

You can combine several strategies

Medicare Parts A and B, Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage Plan?

Medicare eligibility creates a confusing, new set of choices for your healthcare

Do you buy a Medicare Supplement and if so, which one?

Do you need a Medicare Part D Prescription Drug plan?

Should you enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan and what does that mean?

My Goal is to Help You Choose the Best Strategy


Find out how affordable and how much better your healthcare can be!

Find a time that is convenient for you

Why Choose Us?

We provide an entirely new healthcare experience

Freedom to Choose Any Doctor

There are no Healthcare Networks allowing you complete freedom to seek the best care.

Lower Out Of Pocket Costs

Affordable plans that limit your out of pocket costs to $1500 per accident or illness.

Customized Health Plans

Everything about our plans are customized to your individual needs and risk tolerance

24/7 Medical Care

Our members have access to in-state, board certified physicans 24 hours a day with zero copays

Health Advocates

Members have 24/7 access to a concierge service designed to them deal with any medical event

Medical Bill Negotiators

We provide a skilled team of negotiators who will work on your behalf to lower medical bills

Group Healthcare Plans

We help employers signifcantly lower monthly costs while improving employee appreciation

Individual Plans

For individual who must pay for their own health insurance we provide better coverage at far lower costs

Examples for Individuals Under Age 65

Employer Plan with $1000 Max Out Of Pocket + Unlimited Primary Care with No Copay

$300 Monthly

45 Year Old Male with Unlimited Virtual Primary Care

$250 Monthly with $1000 Maximum Out of Pocket

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