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Financing your healthcare

Health insurance is nothing more than a way to pay for healthcare. But health insurance is only one way to pay for your healthcare, although not necessarily the most affordable way.

In the very complicated and and expensive world of healthcare you need knowledge about all of your options. You need access to products and services that make getting medical care affordable. 

That is my goal.

11 Important Facts About Personal Accident Insurance

For many years all accident insurance policies were basically specified injury policies. That means that the policy stated how much it would pay for a specific injury such as a broken leg (i.e. tibia) or a broken arm (i.e. ulnar). The benefits paid had no relationship to the actual charges that you incurred.
Today there are accident insurance policies that reimburse you for actual charges. These policies do not specify the injuries. They do require that you be injured in an accident and seek treatment.

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Is Health Insurance worth it

Is Health Insurance Worth It?

As both premiums and deductibles have increased Americans are asking: “Is health insurance worth it?” And that is a question that cannot be taken lightly.

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short-term health insurance

Should I Buy Short-Term Health Insurance

You do not qualify for a health insurance premium subsidy on In searching for an affordable alternative, you discover short-term health insurance. Now you are asking: “should I buy short-term health insurance?” You may also have seen these products referred to as “short-term medical plans.

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