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Why Choose Mel Schlesinger 

Mel Schlesinger has more than 35 years of health insurance experience.  Since 1985 Mel has watched as the health insurance landscape has continued to change and get significantly more expensive.  While most health insurance agents focus on simply shopping the available traditional major medical health insurance plans, Mel recognizes that there are better ways to pay for medical care. 

And when it comes to people age 65 and older Mel is focused on making sure that his clients enroll in the best the plan for their personal needs. Mel begins from a personal belief that with very few exceptions no one should ever be enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan HMO. When it comes to supplements, with very few exceptions, no one should enroll in the Medicare Supplement Plan G.

Mel believes that it is his role as your advisor to tell you what plan best meets your needs and why and then stand behind that recommendation. 


  • 2011-12 President of The National Association of Health Underwriters
  • 2002-03 President of the North Carolina Association of Health Underwriters
  • Registered Employee Benefit Consultant
  • Registered Health Underwriter

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