The American Rescue Plan and Buying Health Insurance

How the American Rescue Plan Makes Buying Health Insurance Easier Buying your own health insurance has never been easier. And in many cases, it will also be far more affordable. This is a result of the American Rescue Plan. The American Rescue Plan was passed in March of 2021, primarily to help Americans impacted by the Coronavirus. …

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11 Important Facts About Personal Accident Insurance

For many years all accident insurance policies were basically specified injury policies. That means that the policy stated how much it would pay for a specific injury such as a broken leg (i.e. tibia) or a broken arm (i.e. ulnar). The benefits paid had no relationship to the actual charges that you incurred.
Today there are accident insurance policies that reimburse you for actual charges. These policies do not specify the injuries. They do require that you be injured in an accident and seek treatment.