Group Health - The Most Important Employee Benefit!

Providing Solutions to the High Cost of Providing Group Health Insurance

If you are like most employers, you are finding that providing group health benefits is getting to be unaffordable. 

Employers that have been providing health insurance have seen participation plummet as they have had to shift more the premium to the employees. And if employees do not participate then offering health insurance will not help improve morale and productivity. In fact, it can have the opposite affect and hurt your business.

Better Benefits and Lower Costs is Possible!

Despite what your current heath insurance has told you, there really are some new ideas in health benefits. These new ideas can actually lower out-of-pocket medical costs, eliminate healthcare networks and provide services to your employees that will make them raving fans of working for your company!

And I can guarantee that you have never seen any health plan that manages costs the way that our plans do!

What Are Some of These New Ideas?

For employers with fewer than 20 employees we suggest “Managed Medical Cost Sharing with Unlimited Primary Care”. This is a brand new approach to decades-old concept of Medical Cost Sharing. On large medical bills, employees maximum out of pocket would only be $1000. And they would have unlimited primary care with no copays. Most importantly, your employees would have 24/7 access to a healthcare concierge to help them deal with any medical event.

This plan can be offered 100% voluntary or you can contribute and it would be tax deductible!

For employers with 20 or more full-time employees we can provide a new take on an ERISA based health plan. Employees would have a $1000 deductible and a maximum out of pocket cost of $5000. In addition they would have unlimited primary care with no copayments, including labs.

Your employees could choose to work with any medical provider anywhere in the country since there is not healthcare network.

With our 24/7 healthcare concierge your employees would have a completely new healthcare experience.

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